7 Signs You May Need to Meet Milton

  1. The word “no” has become way too common at the dinner table.

Challenges at meal time are entirely expected and normal for young children. New flavors, textures and smells can be intimidating. Milton helps show your child that asparagus isn’t as frightening as those 4 syllables make it sound. By working as an eating companion for your child, trying new foods becomes fun with Milton. Whether your child is a typical eater who occasionally won’t eat or on the pickier side when it comes to new foods, Milton is a great tool to help your little one develop into a courageous eater.

Milton whats included 4


  1. Your eyes light up when you see “Made in USA” on the back of a children’s products.

Being parents ourselves, we love finding products for our children that are made right here at home. This is why we decided to entirely produce Milton in the United States. Everything that comes with Milton is sourced and manufactured in the USA. In addition to supporting American jobs, making our products locally helps us ensure the quality and safety that all children’s products deserve.

Milton is proudly made in the USA


  1. You forget most of the children feeding tips you read during the day by the time you sit down at the table.

There is no shortage of great tips and ideas out there for how to help your child develop into a great eater, the problem is remembering them all. Milton helps parents by integrating those strategies into a product that you can use right at the table (or highchair) during select meals. Milton is a fun and interactive way for your child to learn the ins and outs of healthy and courageous eating. The Meet Milton children’s book also doubles as a quick reference guide for feeding strategies, making it easy to remember all those helpful tips.

Milton helps picky eaters


  1. You want to squeeze these food grade silicone cheeks:
Squeeze Milton's cheeks to make him demonstrate chewing!
Squeeze Milton’s cheeks to make him demonstrate chewing!
  1. You prefer products with a cause.

When we developed Milton, we wanted to do more than just help our customers who may have a picky eater at home. We have partnered with Feed My Starving Children to support their amazing mission to end child hunger. For every Milton made, we donate $1 to Feed My Starving Children. There are no limits to how much we donate and we make the donations on a quarterly basis.

milton charity donation

  1. Teaching your little one to use a utensil is more challenging than you’d like to admit.

Using Milton to demonstrate how to use utensils makes developing this critical skill fun for your child. When your child uses a utensil to feed Milton’s smiling mouth, your child develops familiarity with the process and builds the required coordination to master utensil use. Watch speech-language pathologist and pediatric feeding specialist Catherine Callahan show you how to use Milton to teach utensils usage and much more on the Expert Tips page.Learning to use utensils with milton


  1. You just can’t stand not knowing how this story starts and ends:

meet milton childrens book 4

Each Milton comes with the adorable Meet Milton children’s book. The story follows Milton’s fun filled journey to your home and all the new foods he comes across along the way. Spoiler alert: Your child becomes the hero and together they develop the courage to try all types of new foods.


  1. You heart free shipping

Just in case the first 7 signs weren’t enough. We offer free shipping on all Milton orders in the US!


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