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Milton is a fun and effective solution to many of the challenges parents face when feeding young children. As a parent, Milton is a great way to encourage your child to eat new foods, learn about nutritious eating and embark on a lifetime of healthy eating. For your child, Milton is a fun eating companion they look forward to sharing meals with.

Using Milton is really easy:

1. Read and enjoy the original Meet Milton children’s book with your child. (It’s filled with expert tips on how to use Milton too!)

2. Place Milton on the table during meal or snack time.

3. Use Milton as an eating role model to encourage courageous and healthy eating! Squeeze his cheeks to show how Milton safely “chews” each bite. Encourage your child feed Milton new foods to “see how much Milton likes it”. The uses are almost endless but thankfully our Expert Tips page is filled with great ideas from our resident children’s feeding specialist!

4. Have fun! Do not forget this one.

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YES! In fact, Milton was developed with the help of a pediatric feeding therapist. Miltons are used by feeding therapists, occupational therapists, and pediatric dietitians in clinics, practices, and hospitals throughout the US and beyond.

We like to think that one of the reasons Milton has become so widely adopted as a feeding therapy tool (and an occupational therapy tool!) is that the product is so versatile. Therapists are constantly developing new and fun ways to utilize Milton to encourage/motivate/amuse/reward little ones as they take those small yet important steps.


Absolutely. We are parents of young children ourselves and ensuring that Milton was completely safe in every way has always been our top priority. That is why we worked hard to find a factory right here in the USA to produce Milton so that we have clear trace-ability of all materials and processes. It’s also why we decided to mold Milton from 100% food grade silicone which is BPA free, phthalate free, and PVC free.

Milton has been tested by an independent laboratory and conforms to the requirements of ASTM F963 Standard Consumer Safety Specification on Toy Safety. Milton’s silicone body is soft and flexible, making him very safe for your child to handle.


Milton is not intended to be used as a toy, however we still designed and tested Milton to meet the requirements of ASTM F963 Standard Consumer Safety Specification on Toy Safety to ensure the product is safe for your child. While children rightfully see Milton as fun, we encourage parents to introduce Milton as an eating companion for their child rather than a toy. This helps the child to see Milton as something much more special than one of their toys (no disrespect to those toys!).


OK let’s stay calm here. Definitely check the fruit and veggie drawers in your fridge (little known fact: food grade silicone can keep one very warm!). One time we found Milton rinsing hummus off his head in the bath tub, so try there next. You might also look under the couch as chasing lint bunnies is one of Milton’s new hobbies. Good thing he’s easy to clean!

Each purchase includes the silicone Milton character and the Meet Milton children’s book. In addition to being an enjoyable way for your child to get to know Milton, the Meet Milton book doubles as the parent user manual. It is filled with feeding tips and Milton strategies from our resident children’s feeding specialist Catherine Callahan, M.S., CCC-SLP.

Indeed he is! Milton is molded in the USA using food grade silicone which is inherently durable. He stands up incredibly well to dropping, stretching, biting, and just about anything else he is bound to encounter being friends with a young child. Silicone also has excellent thermal properties which means that dishwasher heat and being left in the freezer don’t bother him one bit.

It takes courage to ask a question like that! The hole on the flat bottom surface of Milton is there to comply with product safety requirements. It also helps drain water when rinsing Milton under the sink or using in the dishwasher. We mentioned that Milton is dishwasher safe right?


Great question! While some of the strategies for using Milton do involve feeding Milton food, it is a very small amount of food. The purpose of those strategies are to use social modeling techniques to demonstrate positive behaviors such as how Milton enjoys trying new foods, chewing and swallowing. The goal is not to fill Milton’s belly. So while a minimal amount of food can be used, we are very confident that the learning benefits to your child and the resulting lower stress meals you will experience are well worth it.

Just like you’ve always dreamed they would! We will refund or exchange your purchase if you’re not happy for any reason. No annoying process, forms, or runaround. You can contact us here to get started and we’ll make sure things are right.