Meet The Dads Behind Milton

Who Are These Guys?

We are two dads who have a passion for well designed products. If that isn’t generic enough, we both have young children at home and love spending time with our families. With our backgrounds in product design and development, we decided to take a chance and founded Sixty LLC with the purpose of designing and manufacturing our own products. We are wildly excited about bringing our first product Milton into the world for other families to enjoy!

What We Believe In

  • We believe in making products that we love. And of course we hope other people love them too.
  • We believe in manufacturing our products in the USA. It’s better for the people who buy our products. It helps support American jobs. And the plane tickets are cheaper.
  • We believe in ridiculously good customer service. Our customer service goal is pretty simple: “Make it right”. Returns are absolutely hassle free and we reply to most messages within a day. If we can make you laugh, we’ll do that too.
  • We also believe in having a lot of fun and hope you do as well.

Where Did Milton Come From?

We’d love to share a ridiculous and unbelievable story about how we thought of Milton, but that just wouldn’t be true (if you’d like one anyways, send us a message). What we can say is that we both had young children at home at the time we thought of Milton. We wanted a fun and engaging product to teach our little ones about important things like trying new foods and eating healthy. We couldn’t find any products out there designed to help improve picky eating behaviors. So we decided to make it happen ourselves and launch our first product. Milton has come a long way since our first prototype…

Some of Milton's (prototype) ancestors...
Some of Milton’s (prototype) ancestors…