100% Made in the USA

We only manufacture in the United States.

Everything that comes with a purchase of Milton is made in the USA. Milton himself is manufactured in New York, the Meet Milton book is printed in Wisconsin and our packaging is produced in Ohio. Even the box we use to ship Milton to your door is made in the USA.

It’s the right thing for everyone.

Producing a product like Milton in the USA isn’t the cheapest way to do business and that is fine by us. The safety and quality that we can deliver to our customers by manufacturing in America is worth every single penny. An amazing bonus is that we are able to visit our manufacturing partners and see the jobs that Milton helps support. And as much as Milton does like to travel long distances, it’s just a lot easier for us to work with domestic suppliers.

We hope that knowing Milton is produced in the USA sets your mind at ease as you enjoy the benefits of using Milton to teach your child how to be a healthy, happy and courageous eater. If you have any questions about how Milton is manufactured or what his middle name is, you can contact us anytime.