Meet Milton!

The Mealtime Companion

What Is Milton?

Milton is the fun way for you to teach your children about healthy and courageous eating. When you place Milton on the table during meal time, he becomes an eating role model for your child. Ask your child to feed Milton new foods and show them how “Milton loves it”. Squeeze his adorable cheeks to show how he safely chews each bite. The uses are just about endless!

Milton Is Great For:

Encouraging picky eaters to try foods, learning about healthy eating, teaching table manners, demonstrating safe eating, having fun meals with your little one and so much more! Our pediatric feeding specialist Catherine Callahan is constantly posting new uses for Milton. You can also see all the fun ways other families are using Milton on our #mealswithmilton page.

Includes The Meet Milton  Children’s Book!

Milton comes with the original Meet Milton children’s book. It just so happens that this adorable book also doubles as a parent’s user manual. Our pediatric feeding specialist Catherine Callahan (CCC-SLP/CLC), has packed Meet Milton full of tips and strategies for how to use Milton!

Dishwasher Safe & Easy To Clean

Milton is completely dishwasher safe! He’s also incredibly easy to clean the old fashioned way. Just squeeze Milton’s cheeks to make his mouth open wide and he’s ready to rinse. Sponges also work great, although he may complain about the taste.