Milton Review- Conquering Those Green Foods

When we set out to create Milton, we intended for it to be one of the best products available to help parents of picky eaters. Until we launched, there was no way to know if we had met our goals with the final product. But a few weeks after launch, the reviews and feedback started to flow in and we knew we were on to something with Milton.

sunshine praises logo 3One of these recent reviews comes from Melanie over at Sunshine Praises. As Melanie puts it, her 3 year old son Ezra “won’t put anything green in his mouth if I bribe him with chocolate chips and sprinkles”. Without giving away the entire well written review, Ezra makes some great progress in expanding his food comfort zone with Milton at his side. Here’s a video from the review:

Ezra is deaf and Melanie also shared her thoughts about Milton as a tool for children with special needs:

I also want to add that in addition to helping children become more diverse eaters, Milton is an excellent tool for children with special needs. His wide mouth allows kids to develop their fine motor skills by practicing with proper utensils and encourages kids that might have oral/motor sensory issues to less scared of putting things in their mouths.

You can read Melanie’s full review of Milton by clicking here. Interested in seeing how Milton can help your picky eater at home? Click here to shop for Milton today!